Dayna Posada

Dayna Posada Sosa: Born in 1969 in Havana, Cuba. She graduated in Civil Construction from the “Jose Marti” Institute, Havana. As a young child in Cuba, Dayna felt a pull towards the arts, but it wasn’t until she left Cuba in 1998 that she started to pursue this passion. In 2001, she began her artistic career by taking drawing and painting lessons from a private tutor. Like most painters, she began by painting traditional representational imagery, but she always felt most passionate about abstraction. Finally, in 2004 she left behind her traditional painting roots and devoted her efforts to abstraction. But her fascination with the human figure, especially the often-haunting glance of the human face still prominent in many of her abstract works.
At present, Dayna continues working at her studio in Miami where she lives since 2011.


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