Ivan Roque

Born on December 27, 1991 Ivan Jorge Roque also known as “The Lost Artist” is a Cuban-American urban artist from the infamous Carol City, Florida an inner city located on the northern side of Miami-Dade County.  Roque attends the Miami International University of Art & Design working to attain his bachelors degree all while still pushing his works to much greater extents. For an artist of his age Roque has had many accomplishments from working with local established artist Gabriel Gimenez to the  hip hop group known as RVIDXR KLVN, and even having a public installation commissioned by the Town of Surfside located in Miami Beach, Florida also not to mention the countless shows all over the city. Ivan Jorge Roque truly is the freshest artist in the Miami art scene and a pioneer in the “Urban Pop” movement he is definetely something to be watched out for in the next coming months as we see what creations can come of the one that is forever lost.


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