Wilfredo Barceló

Fine Artist with over 25 years of experience with proven abilities to perform goals and craftsmanship. Professional Experience: 2012 Village fine art Gallery, Delray Beach, Florida. 2011 Arty Culture Surrealist art exhibition Miami .Florida by Yves Joseph & Wilfredo Barceló. 2010 A group show at university of Miami, North campus. 4 artist show, Honor mention. … Continue reading

Luis Antonio Castro “Ichy”

Luis Antonio Castro “Ichy”: Born on September 1981, he graduated from the Academia de Bellas Artes San Alejandro and the Preparatoria Taller de Dibujo O.Manero. He is also a graduate of the Universidad Internacional Ciencias Medicas y Profesor de Dibujo Anatómico and also the Academia de Bellas Artes Eduardo Abela. He’s a Graduate of Profesor … Continue reading

Yosvany Teijeiro

Yosvani Teijeiro: Born in Havana, Cuba, in 1975. He currently resides in Miami Beach and conducts his work between Havana, Barcelona, and the United States. He graduated in restoration from the Havana Atellier (Taller de La Habana) 1992-1995, with a postgraduate study in Sculpture at the Superior Institute of Art (Instituto Superior de Arte) and … Continue reading

Guillermo Portieles

When the Secret Police came to artist Guilliermo Portieles’ house in Havana in Febuary of 1989, he knew he was in trouble…and he knew why. The roots of his crime began in his childhood, in the suburb of the capital city, when he refused to go to the regular school with the other children. Guillermo … Continue reading

Dayna Posada

Dayna Posada Sosa: Born in 1969 in Havana, Cuba. She graduated in Civil Construction from the “Jose Marti” Institute, Havana. As a young child in Cuba, Dayna felt a pull towards the arts, but it wasn’t until she left Cuba in 1998 that she started to pursue this passion. In 2001, she began her artistic … Continue reading

Pablo Lazo

Pablo Lazo: Was born in Güines, Havana Cuba on March 11, 1987. He has always shown, even at a very early age an innate ability for the arts. He studied Art, and trained as a Painter, Draftsman, Printmaker and Sculptor at the Academy of Fine Arts Eduardo Abela in San Antonio de los Baños (2001- … Continue reading

Ismael Gomez Peralta

Ismael Gomez Peralta: Born on December,1966 in Batabanó, Havana, Cuba. He studied art at the San Alejandro School of Art in Havana and graduated in 1985. Since then, he participated in several worldwide art exhibitions including his Catedral Series that sold at Christies in New York.