Tony Lopez

Born in Cuba in 1918, he has resided in Miami, Fl. since 1958.  He studied at the Escuela Tecnica where his father, Joaquin, was professor of sculpture who taught him since he was a child.  In 1936, Tony was named Assistant Professor of Sculpture at the Escuela Tecnica.  In 1956, he was selected to be … Continue reading

Enrique “Gay” Garcia

GAY GARCIA (Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, 1928). Sculptor, painter and engraver. Studied at San Alejandro Academy in Havana and at the Technical Institute in Mexico, F.D. He resides in Miami, where he has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums. UNESCO presented him with an award in 1962, and CINTAS foundation granted him a scholarship in … Continue reading

Guillermo Portieles

When the Secret Police came to artist Guilliermo Portieles’ house in Havana in Febuary of 1989, he knew he was in trouble…and he knew why. The roots of his crime began in his childhood, in the suburb of the capital city, when he refused to go to the regular school with the other children. Guillermo … Continue reading

Michel Hernández

Unusual shapes, pieces of wood, debris, society waste. In front of the eyes of anybody just ruins. The artist sees what no longer exists or what has not yet existed. To destroy is always the first step before any creation and Michel Hernandez seeks, destroys and creates. For him every moment is a moment of … Continue reading

Pablo Lazo

Pablo Lazo: Was born in Güines, Havana Cuba on March 11, 1987. He has always shown, even at a very early age an innate ability for the arts. He studied Art, and trained as a Painter, Draftsman, Printmaker and Sculptor at the Academy of Fine Arts Eduardo Abela in San Antonio de los Baños (2001- … Continue reading